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COSAC-Plus New Look

15 August 2019

COSAC-Plus New Look

We are pleased to announce that COSAC-Plus newly designed user interface (New UI) is ready for freight forwarders, HAFFA and Ramp Handling Operator (RHO).  The new design could improve users / systems interaction and data processing efficiency for your frontline staffs.


New Features Highlight

  • Google Chrome enabled
  • Modernized navigation
  • Personalized users profile
  • Shortcuts for frequently used functions


Rollout Schedule



Rollout Time

Phase 1

Hactl invited freight forwarders

05 Aug 2019 09:00

Phase 2

HAFFA & HAFFA invited freight forwarders

21 Aug 2019 09:00

Phase 3

All freight forwarders & RHO

09 Sep 2019 09:00


Transition of New UI

In view of the needs of New UI adaption, both existing and New UI of COSAC-Plus would be available during the rollout period (as attached).  The existing UI functions will be in service until 23:59, 08 October 2019.  

For any support and opinions, please call our support hotline 2753-1002 or email us at service@hactl.com.