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 Cargo Tracking
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About HactlWaste Management


Plastic reduction is one of our key aims. Hactl became a “No Straw Partner” of Ocean Park Conservation Fund in 2018, and is the first to join the scheme at the Hong Kong International Airport. We have introduced a “Strawless Policy”, and stopped providing plastic straws to customers at staff canteen and convenience store in SuperTerminal 1. To reduce staff’s reliance on single-use plastic products, we stopped the sale of water in plastic bottles under 1 litre in the terminal. We also installed 100 water dispensers throughout the terminal, and arranged 3 water vans to provide drinking water to staff at the ramp. In addition, we gave eco-bags, reusable food containers and water bottles to our 2,400 staff.

Reducing paper use is another key aspect. To reduce the amount of paper used for air waybill, we adopted an electronic platform that encourages the use of electronic air waybill (e-AWB). Besides, the COSAC-Plus system facilitates document transfer and data exchange among airline customers and reduces paper documentation. Airfreight forwarders in Hong Kong have started using Hactl’s COSAC-AWB facility, which marks a key step towards full e-freight.


Hactl encourages reusing all materials before disposal or recycling. This applies to paper and daily utensils, as well as furniture. During our office renovation, we have upcycled as much old furniture and materials as possible.


To reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, Hactl replaced wooden pallets with more durable metal pallets, while keeping wooden pallets still in good quality in use. We have also adopted the usage of polyethylene sheets with 30% recycled plastic.


Hactl consistently recycles over 90% of paper and plastic. To encourage recycling whenever possible, recycling facilities have been installed in the terminal premises. For example, balers were installed to facilitate polyethylene sheets and clip wrap recycling after cargo breakdown, by compressing the recycled plastic into small, manageable bales. Additional recycling points for used batteries, CDs, cartridges and paper in offices and terminal areas were also set up for easy access by terminal users.

In addition, we collaborate with Food Angel by donating our food waste to them. They handle left-over with a strict protocol, and distribute hot meals to underprivileged communities.