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07/09/2018   Member Services Tips - Reset Password

When you forget your password or encounter account disabled due to password issue, you may reset/activate your account by your own in a convenience way. You can simply pre-register your... More

07/09/2018   Member Services Tips - House Manifest

To expedite your regular job on House Air Waybill (HAWB) submission, be reminded that COSAC-Plus is always capable of accepting a maximum of 9,999 HAWB per Master AWB. For details... More

27/06/2018   Latest Version of CUSEXP Message Specification (v4.4) for ISAC

To cater for the new China Customs requirements for ISAC submission, a new version of message format for CUSEXP (v4.4) will be released on 28 June 2018. For details, please login... More

19/04/2018   Cessation of Hactl’s Cargo Statistics Reports in COSAC-Plus

Effect from 00:00hr on 1 May 2018 (Tuesday), the Reports Download button under Hactl.com Member Services will be removed. ... More

17/01/2017   Hactl’s IT Disaster Recovery Drill 2017

Hactl.com member services will be unavailable from 2245lt/29Jan to 0500lt/30Jan for IT disaster recovery drill. Please bring along the manual PPK/MPPK Cargo Declaration Form when delivering PPK/MPPK to Hactl if... More