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Member ServicesFAQs

  • How do I apply for Hactl.com Membership?
    You may download the membership registration form and fill in all necessary information. After that, you may fax the completed form to us by using the fax number indicated on the form.
  • How many User ID I can apply for my company?
    One User ID can be applied per Business Registration (BR) number of the freight forwarder company.
  • What should I do if I forget my password and user ID or having trouble during login?
    If you are airline / agent user, Please reset your password from here. Otherwise, you can contact our support staff at phone (852) 2753-1002, fax (852) 2753-2321 or email us at service@hactl.com. A new password will be assigned to you after your identify is confirmed.
  • How to change my password?
    You can change your password by using the 'Change Password' function in the 'Tools' page after membership login. Simply type in your old password, new password and submit to us, the new password will be effective immediately.
  • If my account has been inactive for a certain period of time, will it be locked or removed?
    Hactl member accounts that are inactive for 90 days or more will be removed for security purposes.
  • How to create, amend and submit a House Manifest?
    There are two approaches in submitting your house manifest under Member Services.

    1. Select "YHM-Display/Update HW" function under the menu of Import Operations\House Manifest after login to COSAC-Plus Member Services. This function allows user to display the House Waybill (HWB) information including shipper, consignee, notify party information, and other supplementary information of the HWB. It also allows users to add, update or delete individual HWB of the consignment. Function demo is available at Useful Information in Member Services page.
    2. Select "YHT-Transmit House Manifest" under the menu of Import Operations\House Manifest to submit batch of HWB via a CUSEXP format file. COSAC-Plus can support up to 9,999 HWB for each individual master air Waybill.
  • When is the cut-off time for inputting House Manifest in Hactl.com?
    The cut-off time is varied by individual flight. You need to go to "SFD - Flight Schedule List" function under the menu of Online Enquires after login to COSAC-Plus Member Services. From the flight schedule list, the last column 'Flight Cut-off' can show whether the cut-off time for inputting House Manifest is over or not. COSAC-Plus will be unable to process any HWB submission that cut-off time is over. You are suggested to approach corresponding airline for any queries.
  • How to use the "Address Book" function? And how can it helps and how many entries of contact I can enter into it?
    Address Book function is a value added function to facilitate HWB submission for freight forwarders. COSAC-Plus has provided a data store for freight forwarders to pre-enter name/address information of your related consignee, shipper and notify party into the address book. Once you have entered them into the address book, the information can be retrieved for your HWB submission. Your address book can accommodate 4000 entries. You may select the "YAB- Maintain Address Book" function under the menu of Others after login to COSAC-Plus Member Services.
  • How do I change the "Privacy" setting in Internet Explorer?
    Refer to the steps mentioned at System Requirements.
  • Why does Adobe Flash Player prompt for Local Storage Permission?

    COSAC-Plus is a rich Internet client application. Some commonly used data are cached in local storage instead of download every time to reduce unnecessary network traffic. Here are the steps for allowing the permission in your Internet Explorer.

    Before starting COSAC-Plus, Flash Player will request users to allow local data storage. Press "Allow" to proceed.

    Adobe Flash Player

    Right click COSAC-Plus console, the following will be displayed, choose "Settings..."

    Adobe Flash Player

    Set to unlimited. Around 20MB of disk space for local data is required.

    Adobe Flash Player

  • How to disable auto-update of Flash Player?

    After login COSAC-Plus Member Services, you may right-click the console and the following dialog will be prompted.

    Adobe Flash

    Select the "Global Settings…" option, a new browser will be prompted and redirected to Adobe web site as below.

    Adobe Flash

    Click the "Global Notification Settings" panel, and uncheck the "Notify me when an update to Adobe Flash Player is available."
    Close the browser after unchecked the options.

  • Why does the COSAC-Plus occasionally take longer time to start up?
    COSAC-Plus is a web based system which is stored in browsers' cache directory. Some required programs will be downloaded automatically in case the cache is cleared or there is an update on the particular COSAC-Plus function. It requires longer time to start up.
  • Where do I download Adobe Flash Player?
    Flash Player browser plug-in is a prerequisite for running COSAC-Plus. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded from Adobe website. Please refer to System Requirements for the version required.
  • How many House Waybill can be created for one Master Waybill?
    COSAC-Plus is able to handle 9,999 House Waybill submission of one Master Air Waybill (MAWB) in order to improve daily operations efficiency for airlines and freight forwarders.
  • How to check the cargo shipment status online?

    You can enquire general cargo shipment status through the "Cargo Tracking" function that no Member Services login is required.

    For any detailed cargo shipment status, you may select "YSR-Display Agent Consignment Status Record" function under the menu of Online Enquires after login to COSAC-Plus Member Services.

  • What should I do if I get a blank page after login with IE11?
    1. Open IE11 and type www.hactl.com
    2. Click "Tools".  Select "Compatibility View Settings"

    3. In "Add this website", input "hactl.com" and click the "Add" button

    4. Click "Close" button to exist the dialog.