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Initial Investment US$ 1 billion
Handling Capacity Up to 3.5 million tonnes (P.A.)
Total Floor Area 395,000 sqm
Total Site Area 174,600 sqm

Automated Cargo Handling System

Container Storage System 3,500 positions
Box Storage System 10,000 positions
Number of Automatic Transfer Vehicle 40
Number of Workstations 466
Number of Empty ULD Standard Positions 1,573

Truck Docks

Number of Truck Docks 313

Special Cargo Handling Facilities

Dangerous Goods Store166 sqm
Express Centre Airside Transfer Frontage336 metres
Horse Handling Centres1,725 sqm
Live Animals Handling Centres198 sqm
Onboard Courier Centre836 sqm
Radioactive Goods Store43 sqm
Refrigerated Cargo Centre
For Unitised Cargo 1,541 sqm
For Bulk Cargo 755 sqm
Twenty-Foot ULD Handling Centre140 positions
Valuable Cargo Handling Centre333 sqm